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Academy Eye Associates is a group of independent doctors of optometry who have joined together so that we can maintain the level of personal care and service that is hard to find in health care today. Our association allows us to share many of the behind-the-scenes management demands of current health care delivery. Thus we remain able to offer – and take great pride in providing – exceptional service and personal care in our convenient locations in Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

Taking the best possible care of you, your eyes, and your vision. We are committed to providing you with what YOU need, and to ensuring that you have the confidence and trust in us that all patients deserve to have in their health care providers. We are proud of our reputation for our comprehensive approach to eye care, our specialty expertise in eyeglasses, contact lenses, and vision rehabilitation, and our eagerness to address complicated visual problems.

Jennifer Powell, O.D.

Office: Academy Road, Durham NC

Meredith Canterbury, O.D.

Office: Martin Luther King Jr. BLVD., Chapel Hill NC

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